Residential Interior Design



WeDesign created this design project for a young family. The customer and his wife love and adore Bangladesh, and they also consider their home a place with a warm atmosphere for leisure time. That is why the interior is mostly in beige, milky, and light brown shades, filled with everything necessary for maintaining physical fitness and relaxation.


In discussing the architectural concept for the future home, the client asked the studio to do something opposite to what the house was. With this in mind, the studio set out to create something different with the help of natural stone textures, a large amount of glazing, and asymmetrically correct shapes. Eventually, the team’s creation blossomed into a bright representation of the modern style.


The main feature of the first floor is an accent staircase with a green island near it, a double-height space, and a bridge that goes through it and connects the two wings of the sleeping blocks. Particular attention should also be paid to the huge number of basalt blocks that cover the walls up to the ceiling. The last floor, the most private, is characterized by a roof garden in the areas of the master block and children’s bedrooms.