Hospitality Interior Design



The trending clothing/tailoring brand ‘Dapper’ launches its outlet with an approach of Incorporating the grey and beige color palette with a wooden theme, this clothing showroom strikes a balance between modern and natural elements. It provides a serene and elegant backdrop for the clothing and accessories on display, making it an inviting space for shoppers to explore and make their selections.


The showroom features raw concrete wall texture and wooden floors that provide a sleek, urban feel. The exposed concrete gives the space an industrial edge while maintaining an air of elegance that is perfect for showcasing our modern clothing lines. The cool, minimalist aesthetic sets the stage for our carefully curated collection, allowing our garments to take center stage.

The showroom layout is designed for flexibility and adaptability. A combination of wall-mounted racks, modular shelving units, and minimalist tables allows us to showcase our modern clothing in various configurations. This versatility lets us create visually appealing displays that change with our latest collections.